Buying a new build - What I wish I'd known

Although I love my house more than anything, there's a few things I would go back and change if I could but I've taken this as a lesson learned and will keep these in mind for the next house we buy (whenever that may be!)

Choose colour schemes wisely.
After living in military housing for 4 years with burnt red carpet in the living room and green carpet in the bedroom, I had always lusted over fresh, cream carpets so we chose the 'Cream 33' iSense carpet from Carpet Right. As much as I love them and they look amazing, making the house feel really bright and spacious, they're more high maintenance than I ever thought something as simple as a carpet could be! Only 1 week after they were fitted, not just our dog but our cat too, decided it would be a great idea to throw up on them and also a lovely yellow stain has appeared in the spare bedroom- god only knows where that has come from!!
I definitely wish we'd have gone for a light grey now but hey, I still love the cream! It's just a LOT of looking after!! So choose wisely!

Be picky!
When you're paying hundreds of thousands of pounds for your house, it should be how you want it! After talking to our next door neighbours, we realised they got quite a few things just by being, not picky, but telling them what they wanted which Craig and I never did. For example, our house type has 2 light fittings in the living room and after going round to our next door neighbours (same house type) they have got only the 1 light fitting. Which isn't a major deal at all.. but if we'd have known you could only have the 1 one light fitting, we would have gone for only 1. But again, a small point, nothing major.

I bought a lot of stuff for the house before the house was even built and although most of the stuff I bought goes exactly where I wanted it to go because I'd like to think I'm quite good at picturing things in my head, I wish I had saved all that money I spent on home accessories for bigger things such as dining chairs that we now have to wait until next payday to buy. A dining table that we can't really sit at for a month, oops hahaha

Don't rush things.
If you're a girl, you'll know exactly what I mean when I say 'we're always changing our minds!!!' I admit I have been stressing myself out wanting it all done straight away then buying something and changing my mind because it was an 'impulse buy' So definitely take a few months to decide how you want your home to look and browse- don't go out and buy the first thing you see that you like!

Those are a few tips I would advise you take into consideration before your completion date because some things aren't cheap, or easy to change (like cream carpets, hahahaha)

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