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After waiting since October, our house is finally standing on its own and completion day is nigh!
No scaffolding, no builders... simply just a house, with windows and a door, and I could not be anymore in love with it!
For today's post, I thought I would show you all its progress. If you're currently buying a new build or thinking a new build is for you, this post will give you a vauge idea on how long it takes to go from a patch of soil to your finished home!
Despite the looooong 8 months, I'm so glad we reserved our house before they had even started building because no matter how inpatient it's made me, it's been AMAZING to watch it go up and look back on the photos of when it was a 3 brick high wall!

So... Let's look back on its journey...

1. O C T O B E R 2016: The day we reserved!
The house hadn't even started being built. No foundations, no nothing. Just a patch of soil. 
To reserve your house/plot, Taylor Wimpey do ask for a reservation fee of £500. You then have to get the ball rolling with the mortgage process and get 'authority to proceed' (This is just so Taylor Wimpey know they aren't saving a house for someone who can't/won't get accepted for a mortgage.) 
Later on, we celebrated with the in-laws and a bottle of champagne! *clink, clink*

7. N O V E M B E R: Foundation level
1 week after reserving, foundations had been laid, and our house was 3 bricks high - this gave us an insight of what bricks our house was going to be built in! Never, ever in a million years did I think I would ever get excited over the colour of some bricks!

2. D E C E M B E R: We have a wall! 
Just under a month later, we went to see our house again.. this site visit was a little disappointing as we only had a little wall but admittedly at this point, I was expecting too much, too soon.

6. D E C E M B E R: Instagram New Build Community
I decided to make my house it's own Instagram account after realising the new build community was becoming extremely active and increasingly popular on social media.. I had to jump on the bandwagon.
5 months later, I now have over 1,000 followers! Just crazy seeing as I'm not even in the house yet!
But I'm SO excited to share my home decor ideas when we're finally in!

28. D E C E M B E R: First visit after Christmas
The first floor of our house was complete! We could see the spaces where our front/back doors were going to fit :)

12. J A N U A R Y 2017: Exchanged contracts! 
Officially ours, no going back now! 'SOLD' to Mr & Mrs Chambers!

30. J A N U A R Y: Middle floor almost finished
This was easily the part that tests your patience the most! Whilst they are getting the house off the ground, it feels like it's hardly going up very fast at all but good things definitely come to those who wait! Never under estimate how fast builders can work their magic because after this, the house started the fly up as you'll realise down below.....

2 weeks later, and we had a roof! It finally started to look like a house!!!
Man, I couldn't believe this was still the same house as the top floor and roof were on within 11 days since the last house stalk!

15. F E B R U A R Y: Bricks going up the side of the house/roof
Now that the roof was on, I couldn't resist going back 5 days later to see what was happening.. the bricklayers were out again, laying the bricks all up the side of the house.

20. F E B R U A R Y: Tiled roof
If you haven't realised by the dates, I become pretty obsessed with having a drive to see the house but was very giddy to see that our roof was fully tiled and our velux window frame had been put in. This only made me want to visit again in a few days to see if the rest of the windows were in!

28. F E B R U A R Y: First time inside our home-to-be!!!
Completely and utterly obsessed with house stalks!! This visit was actually a site visit because we were dying to see inside now that we finally had a house to go into! It was so surreal to go in and just see the shell, trying to picture the future with all our belongings inside. Anyway, windows were all in.. just awaiting a door :)

2. M A R C H: Time to shut the world out!
Door was getting ready to go on. You'll never realise how excited you can get over a front door when it's propped up outside your kitchen window hahahaha

11. M A R C H: Our house can stand on it's own! Full
No more scaffolding on mine or my neighbours' houses, yay!
The path of our street had been tarmacked so it looked more like a street than a building site.. Very exciting!
Now the house is watertight, they start all the work on the electrics inside..

A lot of stages, aye? But that's all for this post, folks! If you want to see inside then watch this space.. There will be a new post to come! :)
Thanks for reading! xxxx


  1. I love that although it's a new build it has character. Did you get to choose the type of brick used? were you also able to choose the the different fixtures and fittings as it was built? Usually I see the typical red brick.



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