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(Graham & Brown 'Cherry Blossom Taupe and Charcoal wallpaper)

If you read my 'What I've Been Up To Lately...' post, you'll know that last month, my husband and I reserved our first house with Taylor Wimpey.
We had gone round looking at different company show homes such as Persimmon and Barratt but we found Taylor Wimpey to be the right one for us. You can tell in the show homes that the quality and workmanship is of higher quality than other companies, the houses have much better layouts and just nicer overall. So we reserved our 3 storey 'Alton' townhouse after falling in love with the show home. When you know, you know!
On our reservation meeting, the sales woman made us our next appointment a month later to meet the site manager and arranged our 'options meeting'. (This is what I was most excited about!) The options meeting is basically sitting down discussing everything you'd like added and customisations such as choosing your kitchen cupboards and worktops, what tiles you'd like in your bathroom, carpets etc etc.. All the good stuff!
To be honest, there's isn't a wide variety to choose from. If you're picky (like me) and don't want what everyone else has, I'd suggest just picking the basics and then renovating your new home yourself like we plan on doing.

There were no bathroom tiles that we really wanted, so we just chose basic beige ones, as they only tile around the bath as standard (you have to pay for them to tile the whole bathroom) so when we move in, we will be taking the tiles down and buying our own to tile the whole bathroom. 
Again with the carpets and floor tiles, we didn't like any of their tiles and their carpets aren't the best quality so we've decided to move into our house with no flooring and just getting our own carpets and tiles from somewhere else.
With the bathrooms it's different, they have to tile around the bath/shower and 2 splash back tiles behind sinks for them to be able to sign the house off knowing that there won't be any water or mould damage that customers could complain about so it's basically to cover them.
 Taylor Wimpey tile the whole shower as standard, but there was one wall tile option we really liked that was an upgrade, called Matrix Necar' so this is what we have chosen for our shower in the en suite. 

(Matrix Necar)

For the kitchen, we had already chosen the wallpaper we want for the back wall of the kitchen where the dining table is going to sit so we took this with us to the options meeting to hopefully find something to go really well and as you can see on the first photo at the top of the post, we did exactly that! We ended up choosing the Plaza 'Stone' cupboards and 'Cinnamon' worktop! I could not be happier with our kitchen choices!
Although you don't get many options to choose from, it's super hard to decide and imagine how it will all look on a bigger scale when you're only given the front of a drawer as a sample.
You can look around all the show homes, but remember they mostly fill those with the upgrade options so if you're only going for a standard option, you'll have to use your imagination or stalk the #taylorwimpey hashtag on Instagram (I have been doing this for months ever since we decided we wanted to buy with TW)
We were stuck between the Plaza 'Cashmere' and 'Stone' cupboards - we thought the 'Stone' choice may be too dark, but ended up choosing it anyway to make the kitchen feel cosier and warmer. If you read my 'New House - Kitchen Haul', you'll have seen that all our kitchen accessories are cream anyway so it should all go together lovely! The cream accessories should really brighten it up. I'm SO excited now to see it all come together!

Other options we have chosen are:
- Chrome Towel Rail
The price varies on what size you have. 
- Spotlights 
These are a little expensive at £68 each, and you have to have a certain amount in each room. We've chosen them for the en suite and main bathroom.
- Extra Plug Sockets
We were given a floor plan of our house printed out, and were told to draw on it where we would like more plug sockets so we have added 5 extra sockets around the house at £50 each. You also have the option to upgrade the sockets (and light switches) to chrome which I think was about £20 extra for each socket/switch.
- External Power Supply
£127 - Hubby wants this for the outside. In our rented house, we're always having to run an extension lead through the kitchen window to mow the grass so an outdoor power supply will be so much more convenient. 
- Upgraded door handles
£127 throughout the house
- House alarm

Please note- prices may vary on different Taylor Wimpey developments.
(and they change their options every 6 months, (or so I've heard), but don't quote me on that!)

I hope you have enjoyed reading about our options meeting with Taylor Wimpey!
 I will be doing more house posts, especially home hauls and a lot more when our house is finally complete! If you have any questions, leave me a comment below :)

Until next time xxx


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