What I've Been Up To Lately...

1. To say I've been ill, I've actually done a lot the past week or so. Getting up out of bed and powering through is the way to go! But there was one day where I felt so crap, so my day consisted of smothering myself in Vaporub (the best product to ever exist!) wrapped in a duvet having cuddles with my very lazy dog, Daisy and watching the last couple of episodes of The Returned on Netflix. They've got to make a season 2, they can't just end it like that, surely?! Has anyone else watched it? What do you think?!

2. I picked up this Toasted Nutmeg reed diffuser from B&M whilst out food shopping in town yesterday. I only really wanted it because the little pot is covered in gold glitter but it surprisingly smells really nice to say it was only cheap ay £3.99. When the nutmeg scented oil inside has ran out, I'm going to reuse it and put some more oil inside - the pot is too pretty to throw away. Maybe even get Yankee Candle reed diffuser refill oil and put that inside?

3. The best part of my whole year has been the day when we reserved our house that will be all ours May 2017! Only 7 months to go! I hope it flies by! We haven't got an actual completion date yet but I've got a mental May countdown in my head. I've already started packing some stuff up in boxes and having a clear out in our current house of stuff that I know I won't want to take to the new one. It's very exciting! We're meeting our site manager in the first week in November and we get to pick all our options. We don't know what options are available to choose from yet but I'm hoping for a dark oak coloured worktop and maybe white or cream gloss kitchen cupboards so we'll see! I will be blogging about the options meeting in November so watch this space!!

4. It's the most wonderful time of the year when Snow Fairy comes back!!! I first tried it out last year after we bought my mother in law a bottle for christmas but I dropped it getting it out of the bag and the lid cracked open so we kept it. Me and hubby love it so I had to get a bottle as soon as it came back on the shelves in Lush! However, I did not like being hounded by 2 of the staff! I was the only person in the store at the time but I kept getting asked the same questions by both of the women in there. I was in the shop for about 10 minutes and I think only about 3 minutes I actually had time to myself to look at what I wanted! It was extremely annoying!!

5. After Lush, I went into Wilkinsons. This is another favourite shop of mine for home stuff! I chose the wallpaper I want for the hallways and up the stairs in the new house. It's white with silvery cherry blossoms and some of them have silver glitter on them. It looks so gorgeous in person! I want the hallway and stairs to have a bright, shabby chic kind of feel to them so this is perfect for it! It's only £10 a roll, too!

6. A few days after reserving our house, my husband and I went out for dinner with my mum. I had a cocktail called 'Pink & Blue' it was lovely. The pink and blue cola sour bottle sweets are my absolute favourite! I'll definitely be having another one of these when I next go to Relish. For my main, I had bbq braised beef in red wine sauce. It was gorgeous but so rich and I couldn't eat all of it. It probably didn't help that I had a starter before. I'll never learn!

7. This was another great part of my week! I entered a Superdrug competition on Instagram. All I had to do was repost their image of the new Ariana Grande 'Sweet Like Candy' perfume and tag my best friend. Over 700 people entered! There were only 5 winners and I was one of them!!! So I received a 100ml bottle of Ariana's new perfume, one for me and one for my friend who I had tagged. It's a gorgeous scent but extremely sweet (duh, hence the name!) It's definitely aimed at the younger generation but I love it and the bottle is gorgeous too. It comes in a matte baby pink bottle with matching pom-pom attached - so cute!!

8. More shopping!! I picked up this mirror from B&M (again! Love that shop!!) It has a silver glitter border and 'Hello Gorgeous' in silver glitter font on the bottom. This is going in the en-suite in the new house so now I need to find some other silver bathroom accessories!

What have you been up to recently?


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