Ariana Grande - Sweet Like Candy | Superdrug Instagram Competition

So I recently entered a competition that Superdrug were running on their Instagram account - all you had to do was repost their photo of the new Ariana Grande 'Sweet Like Candy' perfume and tag your best friend. I've taken part in Instagram competitions similar to this in the past where millions of Instagram users have entered and of course never won anything but my luck changed on this one! I WON!!!! I never win anything!!! I actually couldn't believe my eyes when I got an Instagram notification pop up on my phone one night whilst sitting down watching tv. I had actually won 2 bottles of the perfume because the competition was for yourself and your best friend who you'd tagged to each win one. 
It took about a week for Superdrug to post the perfumes out, but how generous that they'd given the winners the 100ml size, which is the biggest bottle available! Thank you so much, Superdrug!

The bottle is a baby pink, spiked ball kind of design, pretty hard to explain (but you get my drift from looking at the photos!) with a soft, fluffy pink pom-pom clipped onto the neck of the bottle. 
The smell is extremely sweet (duh, hence the name). This perfume is definitely aimed at the younger generation. If you're looking for an elegant, sophisticated kind of scent then this definitely isn't for you but it's still smells gorgeous. I haven't yet used this, (apart from once to smell it when it arrived) but I think it's definitely going to be my go-to perfume for a night out.

Its notes are blackberry, italian bergamot with layers of crème de cassis, mashmallow and vanilla blended to create the perfect sugary, sweet aroma.
Sweet Like Candy is available HERE at Superdrug for £40 for 100ml

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