Witch Blemish Stick

I've had a massive outbreak of spots lately and god only knows where they've come from. And weirdly, they've only popped up around my mouth, chin & nose area.
To be completely honest, I have been neglecting my skincare routine a lot over the past 2 weeks due to being so tired from working and just wanting to jump straight into bed after my night shifts but I sure am paying for it now.
I've had 2 particularly BIG ones that have been so painful and irritating. One right at the side of my nostril and the other right on the edge of my chin, hanging around, just chilling on my face. Not cool.
Whilst out shopping in Tesco, I wandered down the skincare aisle to check out Clearasil products and other spot treatments and jeez, it's expensive! The price you have to pay to have nice skin! #firstworldproblems
I noticed this Witch Blemish Stick on the top shelf and had a read of the packaging. It stated how it contains witch hazel extract that fights the bacteria that causes spots so I decided to buy it and give it a go.
When I got home and opened it, it was nothing how I imagined. I thought it would be a liquid with a lipgloss style applicator that you dab onto effected areas but instead, it has a lipstick/lipbalm kinda look. You stick your finger underneath to push up the product then rub it over your spots. It has a very strong scent and stings like a bitch! But that only means it's working, right?
I applied this on the mountains covering my face before I went to bed and the next morning I was surprised to see the redness of my spots had more or less disappeared and they had reduced in size aswell as no longer being sore to touch. I think a few more nights of sleeping with this on, my spots will be gone altogether. Here's hoping!
I'd definitely recommend trying this out if you're having blemish problems and to power through the part where it stings!



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