Diy Make Up Brush Holder

Today's post is to show you all my new make up brush holder that has made a lovely centrepiece for my dressing table and made it look a whole lot prettier.
This idea was taken off Pinterest (The best thing to ever exist) so I'm not in any way taking credit for this lovely idea, just simply showing you my recreation and letting you all know where to purchase incase you want to make your own. 
Firstly, the rectangle glass vase I bought from Dunelm for £2.99 - *HERE*
(I would definitely recommend getting these from Dunelm or other home decor shops as they are priced from £5+ on Ebay & Amazon.)
The scatter crystals are from The Range for £1 a box - *HERE*
I bought 7 boxes and this was enough for my vase. However, this of course depends on how full you want the vase to be filled up :)
This definitely adds a chic look to any dressing table! & you could also substitute the beads for sand or beads! :)


  1. That looks great! The beads add an elegance to the whole concept!



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