Avon - Christian Lacroix 'Bijou' Fragrance

We all know Avon can get a little addictive. When a catalogue gets posted through your letterbox, there's no denying you will have a quick flick through but then soon find yourself with a pen and order form in your hand and a small hole in your purse.
I'm sure a lot of people would agree that the best thing about an Avon catalogue is rubbing your wrist on the rare scented pages where you get to sample different perfumes.. If it wasn't for those pages, I would never have discovered this new fragrance- Bijou by Christian Lacroix. 
It instantly reminded me of Yves Saint Laurent's 'Babydoll' perfume that I have loved for years! So I ordered it from my local Avon representative and within a week it was here. Super speedy delivery and just in time for christmas. I will definitely be wearing this throughout the festive period.
Bijou is an aroma made up of mandarin, vanilla orchid and spiced star anise. These would immediately make you think that this would quite a spicy scent with a hint of citrus but it is actually a very sweet, elegant essence. 

The perfume comes in a luxurious bottle with a very chic, rose gold ombre effect making it look quite expensive. However, this only set me back £20 for a 50ml bottle. Avon currently have an offer on this fragrance where you receive a free baby pink make up bag, Avon nail polish in the shade 'pastel pink', Christian Lacroix Bijou body lotion and matching 10ml travel-size spritz. Definitely one of Avon's best deals I have seen!



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