Gold & Brown Smokey Eye

Hey everyone! Today, I thought I would have a little play-around with make up and ended up doing the BEST make up I have EVER done! I was soooo happy! I finally mastered how to get the sharp edge without using the tape method yaaaas! My make up skills are definitely improving and I'm so proud. Such an amazing feeling- practice really does make perfect! 

For this look, I primed my eyes with MAC 'Painterly' paint pot. Then used 'Ochre', 'Ember' & 'Nutty' from my Collection Eyes Uncovered Nude Bronze Palette. Available here from Superdrug! + 'Blackheart' from Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette to darken the outer corners.
I was so stuck when it came to choosing what colour lip to wear with this look! I ended up wearing MAC's 'Mehr' - my favourite! I would have added false eyelashes for a more dramatic look but I have ran out of eyelash glue!!!! I know right!! How bad is that!? :(
Also, if you've noticed.. I have a backdrop!!!!! I went into a craft shop a couple of days ago looking for ribbon and there were looooads of beautiful fabric! I chose to get the white with hot pink hearts to use as a backdrop for my website. So happy with how it's turned out :) I won't be using the backdrop for all my pictures as I don't want my posts to look all samesy but it will make an appearance here & there :) The plan was to order a proper photography backdrop but they were all over £30 and I don't have that right now to spend on something I don't really need and I'm really glad I didn't now as the fabric only left me £6 out of pocket and looks amazing. What do you think?! :)

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How's your week been?

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