Acrylic Make Up Storage

Another craze caused by the Kardashians! Acrylic storage has become increasingly popular after being spotted in Kim's & Kourtney's bathrooms crammed full with their make up on the famous reality tv show- Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Since then, every man and his dog, beauty blogger, youtuber etc, have been storing their products in acrylic drawers or holders!

As my make up collection is constantly growing, of course I jumped on the bandwagon as I thought it was such a neat way of of storing products which saves rummaging through numbers of make up bags! The first acrylic storage I purchased was my lipstick holder off ebay - here for the amazing price of £2.28! It was coming from China so it took a couple of weeks to arrive but I was so excited when it came! I recently purchased a 2nd one as my lipstick collection has doubled in the past couple of months- such a bad, expensive habit :| I keep all of my lipsticks face down, with the names facing upwards, making it SO much easier to find what shade I want to wear! Next up is the acrylic drawers from the office section in Homebase- These are actually made for holding A4 paper so the drawers aren't as deep as the famous Muji drawers but they still do the job well. Whilst out shopping one day, I discovered that Poundland, of all places, was selling acrylic make up holders so I bought a small organizer that I use for holding my everyday make up such as my MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation, my primers, MAC 'Painterly' paint pot- this is ALWAYS my eye primer for when I apply eyeshadow and my Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade- best eyebrow product EVER. Other items I keep in there are my 2 MAC pigments because they fit perfectly. My new highlighter- Make Up Academy's Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter that was included on my Mini Superdug Haul post and my Make Up Academy Luxe Velvet Lip Laquers- shades 'Funk' & 'Kooky' that I've been wearing a lot lately!  Also from Poundland, I picked up a round lipstick holder. This only holds 6 lipsticks but I keep my favourite ones in there. I really didn't need it but for only £1, it was obviously going into my basket! 

If you are looking for acrylic storage, I'd definitely recommend buying from ebay as that's where it's the cheapest. Even if you do have to wait a couple of weeks longer, it's definitely worth the wait as these acrylic holders make the perfect organisers on top of your dressing table and makes finding make up so much easier. No constant searching through make up bags.

Places to buy your acrylic make up storage-

Muji - here ~ Amazon - here ~ The holding company - here ~ Ebay - here 


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