MAC Viva Glam Miley!

I GOT IT!!!! Yaaaaaaaay! 

When I first saw a photo of the new Viva Glam back in December that was due to be released early February 2015, the wait begun! You may love or loathe Miley Cyrus but you can't deny the fact that she undoubtedly has the most beautiful lip combo out of all the Viva Glam collections throughout the years. I wouldn't say I'm a fan of Miley but I am a HUGE fan of her MAC collection. On the release date, I literally ran home from work thinking they would sell out within minutes but surprisingly they hadn't so I ordered both the lipstick & lipglass which made it my first lipglass by MAC! (No longer a MAC lipgloss virgin, yay!)
When they arrived, admittedly, I was shocked at how small the lipgloss tube was but quite frankly I was too excited to care! Viva Glam Miley lipstick is a super hot pink lippie with their Amplified formula and like any other MAC lipstick, it has their signature soft vanilla scent and glides smoothly onto the lips.

Below are swatches and photos of me wearing the lipstick + lipglass for the first time paired with Cherry lip pencil also by MAC! I love the way hot pinks work against my black hair!

I could NOT be happier with this lip combination and I will be gutted when I run out so I'm hoping to purchase back ups of both!


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