New Year, New Blog - Hello 2015!

What better way to start a new year than with a brand spanking new blog! 
I suppose February is a little late to wish you all a Happy New Year but it's better late than never! I hope you all had an amazing christmas and that you all got very drunk on New Years Eve! :) now it's all over for another year- (sad times) but I can't believe we're already in feb! Time is going SO fast!! However, I have a feeling this year will be a good one with lots of exciting times ahead. I am so excited and determined to put all my effort into this (having failed on previous blogs) I'm taking this one serious because I am always so inspired when reading other peoples! I'm obsessed with watching youtube make up tutorials but I'm definitely not brave enough to make those so I will just stick to blogging (for now). I love anything beauty, make up and fashion related (typical girl) so that's what my blog is going to be about.. Sprinkled with some lifestyle & personal posts here & there. I will let you know now that I am rubbish with hair so don't expect much from that area! Anyway, I suppose I better tell you a little bit about myself? That is what you're supposed to do on your first post, right? Ok, so I've just turned 21 and I'm from the UK! (It's always so awkward writing these, I feel like I'm talking to myself!) I first became interested in make up when I was 15? Always going through my sisters make up bag looking at what everything was. And now, it's all I think about! I dream of a career in make up and practice whenever I can. I just love all the different products/brands and how confident make up can make you feel :) Anyway, I really hope that you all enjoy reading my posts! :) Please feel free to leave me a comment or message on my social networks listed below :) 


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