21st Birthday Make Up Haul

So as you know I went to Las Vegas for my 21st birthday which you can read about HERE. I didn't want to talk about make up on that post so thought I'd make a seperate one, strictly make up! to show you all the beautiful products that I purchased! :) I don't think I have ever bought so much make up at once before, but it was my 21st so I had an excuse! ;)
If you're interested in seeing what I bought, then keep on scrolling! xxx

(Left - Right) All Fired Up, Mehr, Relentlessly Red, Pink Pigeon & Pink Plaid.

In Sephora, I bought the travel size Urban Decay all nighter setting spray because it was only $14 and I wanted to try it to see if I liked it before buying the full size version. It gives your face a really fresh feel after applying your make up and it has a really refreshing scent! I also picked up my very first product by the one & only Anastasia Beverly Hills- dipbrow pomade. I got the darkest colour- 'Ebony' to go with my black hair. This product is amazing and you only need the tiniest bit when filling in your brows. A little goes a long way so I guarantee this little pot of dipbrow will last you forever! Next up.. my all time favourite make up brand.. MAC! I went into 3 different MAC stores whilst in Vegas and bought something everytime.. Oops! ;) I needed 4 more eyeshadow pans to fill my palette so I chose Beautiful Iris, Satellite Dreams, Stars 'N' Rockets and Pink Venus so now my customized eyeshadow palette is now all full up. Yaay! You can read about it & see swatches HERE! :) I really wanted a couple of new make up brushes so I purchased the 130 short duo fibre brush and the famous 217 blending brush. I definitely want to purchase a lot more MAC brushes after only trying these two- I love how soft they are! Another thing I bought for the first time was a pigment! I went for 'Blue Brown' I had wanted to get it for ages after seeing swatches and make up looks online so it was one of the the first things I picked up. I actually haven't tried it on yet but I have swatched it on my hand and it is BEAUTIFUL! I'm excited to try a variety of different looks with it! :) Moving on to the lips.. I have become obsessed with lipliners recently. I never wear lipstick now without lining my lips first. I got Cherry, Trust In Red, In Anticipation, More To Love, Magenta and Lasting Sensation. The lipliners are so creamy, soft and soo easy to apply! I plan on trying loads of different ombre lip looks with them! Finally, my favourite things EVER.. MAC lipsticks! It took me ages to decide which ones to add to my collection but I finally picked Mehr, Pink Pigeon, Relentlessly Red, Pink Plaid & All Fired Up. I'm very pleased with my choices as All Fired Up & Mehr have become my favourite lipsticks EVER. Before I had them, I didn't really have a favourite lippie! Towards the end of our holiday, I kept thinking about the Too Faced chocolate bar palette so I had 1 last trip into Sephora and thought why would I NOT get this?! A range of beautiful colours and the yummy smell of chocolate.. perfection. I haven't used it yet but I plan on doing a post featuring all the different looks you can make using the palette so watch this space! But for now, that is the end of the Vegas make up haul. Let me know if you have any of these products and what you think of them! Thanks for reading & see you next time! :) 


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  2. you got some amazing stuff. Sounds like you had an incredible time as well! Loving the lipsticks! Xx
    Sarah | www.nouvellenoire.co.uk




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